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My purpose through my life had changed regularly.

Here is a brief list of my purposes chronologically:

11 Years old – I want to build dams.
13 Years old – I want to become a civil engineer.
15 Years old – I want to become a doctor.
16 Years old – I should be an engineer.
17 Years old – I will have to become an engineer.
19 Years old – I don’t want to become an engineer.
20 Years Old –I want to make so much money that just bending down and picking up $100 feels like a waste of time.
21 Years old – I am an engineer but I am not really an engineer. I don’t know who I am. Became an Atheist.
21 Years old – I Got into Amway. I want to make a lot of money from speaking and selling things.
23 Years old – I hate business, I just want to make money in a job.
25 Years old – I want a full-time job but I also want to do something cool that makes money on the side.
26 Years old – I want to be my own homes, islands, and cars.
27 Years old – I want to be a responsible and good father.
28 Years old – I want to help students apply to the USA for higher education. Start my second business. Ind2us.com
29 Years old – I want to become a public speaker. Joined Toastmasters.
30 Years old – I want to start a vegan polyamorous ashram.
31 Years old – I want to be a relationship coach. I want to heal sexuality in India.
32 Years old – I want to transform myself.
32 Years old – My purpose is to establish Meditation Resorts across the world, which will be the BEST place of transformation for

people struggling with mental or emotional issues, giving each visitor of my resort the attention, wisdom, and care to heal themselves and become a conscious person.

The reason why I wrote down this list is to show you how much your purpose may transform over time. The interesting thing to notice is my very first memory of purpose was about creating something useful for people. The later versions that followed were either just projections of my parent’s expectations or societal trends.

In my 20’s I got into the money chasing the game. Most of my purpose versions were around money. I did attain money but it didn’t feel purposeful. In my late 20’s I started exploring expressing myself and maybe in that process giving value to others. From some complete detours like trying to start university in the U.S, trying standup comedy – I finally landed on one thing which felt solid – transforming myself. Because that IS a prerequisite for helping people across the world transform through my vision of the best meditation resort in the world. Will this be my ultimate purpose? Will it change ? Will it drastically change and I will become a poultry farmer? I can’t predict what will happen but I know change is the only thing in this reality. So I embrace this change in purpose and I encourage you to do so.

So what is your purpose if it is constantly changing? Is your purpose of life to discover the purpose of life? That would be an oxymoron. I think the meaning of purpose is just being you. Yes! It’s that simple but it is the most difficult and vague thing to define. Being you. It annoys the fuck out of me. Anything vague in this universe is romantic but also super annoying. This annoyance is playful almost like something is teasing us to become our true selves. Like when I wanted to own islands and reality would be like nope that’s not it. I don’t think owning an island is a bad goal to have. But, your purpose is about you, not the island. Owning the island could be a result of being you.

To answer “What is my purpose? “We only need to answer “What is it like being me?”

This is going to get scary. You now are asked the most difficult question: “Who are you”?

What is your true essence?

A lot of people answer this question with: I am Sri, I like vegan food. I also love animals. I am into hip hop music and I care about personal growth. Sounds familiar. This is how you would answer a dating profile section. But that’s not the level at which, your purpose can be discovered. This is not at the societal level but at your anti-social psychopathic level. If you were the only person alive on this planet what will you do? Or If money wasn’t an issue and everyone was happy and didn’t need any help what will you do? Will you play soccer all day? Or paint or Maybe play a musical instrument? When you remove money, time, and people from the equation you truly feel alone. If no one cared about what you did anyway what will you care about doing? Let’s start there.

Being you = x – people – money – time

In my case, it was clear, even If I lived in the matrix where I could go anywhere and experience anything I would still spend most of my time in my ideal ashram with people just like me who just want to transform.

Purpose = Being you = your essence – people – money – time.

Purpose = True essence ( without involving people money or time)


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