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Would you like to have a badass Week, Month, Year, and Life?

Want to get so much done that you are a different person the next week?

For that, you have to be a different person this week.

I love mathematics because it’s brutally honest. Unlike language, There is no jargon. You can pretty much solve universe’s biggest problems if you can bring them down to pure mathematics. It’s the sacred masculine.

So I would like to define productivity as :

Productivity = creation of value/ time. ( Inspired by this blog post)

So to increase productivity we increase the value or decrease time.

Value = Impact x Endurance x Essence x Volume


Impact = Use fullness of creation. (how much creation or destruction is it generating in society. Some times destruction is equally rewarded)

Endurance = Timeless creation (How long will this impact sustain through time. Is your impact timeless like the pyramids of Giza Or the words of James Allen ? )

Essence = Your personality or true self. (Are you so you unique and true yourself that people can’t get enough of you. From the Hindu God Krishna to Kanye West, it’s their crazy true self that people admire and worship. Even if you hate either one of these examples they will have followers because they stand out . )

Volume = Quantity of work you do. (This is a pitfall and the most unproductive variable. If you really do a lot of volume without being yourself you are just being mediocre. Stop it. It’s a waste of your existence.)

As you can see above the most efficient way to be more productive is by being yourself. Start thinking about being productive as truly being yourself. What would your true self-do?

Now, how can you be truly yourself?


Productivity = Impact x Endurance x Essence x Volume / Time

Out of these 4 variables, what is your current strategy? Maybe it’s time to shift towards discovering your true essence because that is the most productive thing you can do.

And, one the most legit dude I have come across seems to agree :

“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.” – Ramana Maharshi

So how do you know yourself?

Spend more time discovering your true essence and be more productive!


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