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Hi! Nice to Meet You..!

My name is Sri Goduru

[Pronounced Shri GoudHooru]

I help my clients gain more confidence using highly effective mindfulness/tantra techniques.
I’ve helped my clients get over breakups, and even directly after our first conversation.
My clients are creative, intelligent, self-growth oriented, action-oriented; and are keenly focused on effective results.
I’ve been running my business online for 3+ years and before that, I’ve worked for Yahoo, Amazon, and RBS in my corporate career.
I spend an hour a day 5 days a week throwing around barbells, jumping on boxes, and living the YOLO life.
I’m a Toastmaster, proud Father, spiritual Pisces, and even though I was born in Hyderabad, lived a third of my life in California and I am a happy go lucky guy through and through.

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Our Community

Our community of SUPERIOR MEN is taking their weakness and turning it into ultimate confidence. We serve single, married, and divorced men alike.

We believe that results are external and true confidence is internal.

It takes action to turn to learn into a superior lifestyle®.

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